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Application of Galvanizing Plant

Since galvanizing is the best method to prevent steel from corrosion and protect it from harsh environmental condition, it is mainly used in following where steel is subjected to tough conditions

  • Steel towers for electrical transmissions.
  • Steel towers for Mobile tower equipments.
  • Road side barriers
  • Electric poles
  • Roads and bridges
  • Galvanizing Plant for Fasteners
  • Galvanizing Plant manufacturer for Tube
  • Galvanizing Plant manufacturer for Strips
  • Galvanizing Plant manufacturer for Wire
  • Galvanizing Plant manufacturer for Structure
  • Galvanizing Plant manufacturer for Pole
  • Galvanizing Plant manufacturer for scaffolding
  • Galvanizing Plant manufacturer for pipe
  • Fumeless Galvanizing Plant
Application of Galvanizing Plant Application of Galvanizing Plant In Gujarat

Technical Specification of Galvanizing plant

Our galvanizing plant is fully customized in size, material and specifications as per the requirement of the customers.

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