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Galvanizing is a latest and very advanced process used to protect steel from corrosion. Galvanizing is done with the help of zinc. Zinc possesses corrosion prevention properties and it can be used to protect steel product that is under the manufacturing process. Galvanizing is highly durable than the traditional method of painting steel. This is because; a zinc layer applied to steel by hot-dip galvanizing does not peel off the surface of the steel just like paint does. The zinc layer is alloyed with steel and this method protects the inner as well as the outer steel surface forever and that too at a very cheaper rate. This hot dip galvanizing process helps the steel material to become corrosion proof material under any type of environmental condition as the process provides both provides cathodic protection as well as barrier protection.

The biggest advantage of the galvanizing process is that it repairs by itself when it gets damaged, i.e. it sacrifices itself to guard the base metal and has excellent impact and abrasion resistance. Zero maintenance is required for years and years.

Our company is one among the India’s premium leading manufacturing and exporting companies offering an extensive range of quality products like Galvanizing plant, Pickling Plants, Pickling Tanks and Anti-Corrosive Equipment made of a variety of Industrial Thermoplastics. We are dynamically enterprising people and incessantly improve our quality & include latest technology to stand up to the international standard and the latest market trends. We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who have deep knowledge and expertise in manufacturing, exporting and servicing a complete hot-dip Galvanizing plant i.e. galvanizing tanks, galvanized kettle, galvanizing furnace, Fumeless Galvanizing Plant, acid fume extraction & scrubbing system etc.

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The dimensions of these plants are customized as per the customer’s needs according to different factors like:

  • Type of materials (road barriers, poles, cable channels etc.)
  • material dimensions (maximum overall dimensions of the piece to be galvanized)
  • Yearly quantity in tons

We produce customized galvanizing plants as per the Customer requirement of different layout type and types of plant that are possible (manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic). Our manufacturing process entails different quality checks that test the machines for their durability, efficiency and safety.

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